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Hospitality Consulting Services


Reviewing guest touch-points for sober perspective insights.


Staff trainings for burnout and to support guests.


Help create a healthy environment for employees.


Marketing strategy to connect with mental health and wellness community.

Customer Experience Inspection

Customer touch-points will be accessed from the perspective of a sober guest and a report given to highlight positive and negative aspects.

Recover Hospitality, as the exclusive authority in evaluating and enhancing hospitality spaces for the growing market of sober travelers, employs a thorough rating system crafted from a blend of hospitality and mental health expertise, consisting of 55 specific standards. Our standards recognize the importance of supporting the different segments of the sober market, including those who are sober-curious and those in addiction recovery.

Upon completing this comprehensive evaluation, venues meeting our standards receive approval to join the CXN Hotel Collection and be marketed to Recover Hospitality's travel and wellness network. This approval signifies a venue's commitment to creating an inviting and supportive atmosphere for diverse preferences, including the growing sober and sober-curious market, without alienating the core customer base that values responsible alcohol consumption.
Evaluated aspects of the customer experience encompass the reservation processes, staff interactions, decor, venue layout, property amenities, and the surrounding location, including accessibility to local wellness and support resources.

Areas of Concern Include

  • Booking & Prearrival Communication
  • Dining Experience & Menu Options
  • Room Environment
  • Availability of Local Support Resources
  • Staff Interactions

Staff Training

Staff Trainings for Burnout

Is your front-line and management staff experiencing burnout? Are they fully informed about the mental and physical well-being resources your organization already provides, such as insurance and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)?
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Staff Trainings to Support Guests

Our comprehensive training programs prioritize creating an inclusive atmosphere for all patrons, irrespective of their beverage choices. Have you ever been in a restaurant and decided not to order an alcoholic beverage, only to notice a disapproving look from the waitstaff that made you rethink your choice? Staff members undergo training to promote and successfully sell non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring that every guest feels valued and accommodated.
Recover Hospitality recognizes a positive and inclusive atmosphere not only attracts patrons but also significantly boosts their likelihood of returning. This commitment to inclusivity and exceptional service contributes to an enhanced overall customer experience, elevated customer satisfaction, and the cultivation of enduring relationships that foster sustained repeat business.

Employee Benefits

Consulting services specifically designed for hotels, restaurants, and related businesses

With an estimated 10% of the American adult population in recovery and another 10% actively struggling with substance use, it is increasingly important all businesses create a healthy environment for both their clients and employees. Recover Hospitality is here to help with consulting services specifically designed for hotels, restaurants, and related businesses where approximately 17% of industry employees suffer from a substance use disorder.
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At Recover Hospitality, we not only offer training to help staff recognize and manage burnout but also provide a comprehensive case management program. This program is designed to connect employees who are struggling with mental health to available resources, ensuring they receive the support they need. Additionally, our services include executive coaching to further support the well-being and resilience of your leadership team.

Marketing to Wellness Community

As the exclusive entity specializing in the marketing of travel services to the mental health community, Recover Hospitality employs omnichannel marketing to promote partnered hospitality properties.

A key facet of our marketing strategy involves direct outreach to Recover Hospitality's extensive mental health and wellness community, which comprises private clinicians and organizations dedicated to serving thousands of individuals and families each year. By leveraging these connections, we ensure that our endorsed properties gain visibility within a community that values and prioritizes mental wellbeing. Additionally, our marketing efforts extend to social media and web advertising platforms, broadening the reach to a diverse audience. Furthermore, we harness the extensive reach of our travel affiliate, the Travel Edge Network, which boasts over $1 billion in annual travel sales through its consortium of travel agents and tour operators.
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