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Recover Hospitality's Representation for Hotels & Restaurants

The CXN Collection is your gateway to reaching a thriving market in the hospitality industry! Over half of the world's population doesn't consume alcohol, including 80 million American adults. As experts in hotel and restaurant representation, Recover Hospitality specializes in catering to the growing sober and sober-curious travel market. providing unparalleled services that help businesses tap into the wellness-focused clientele. At Recover Hospitality, we understand the unique needs of this untapped market and tailor our approach to meet the demands of a health-conscious audience.

Our Partners

Businesses who partner with Recover Hospitality to help build a network of hotels, restaurants and other travel and hospitality-related environments supportive of mental health & wellness.

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Our Unique Approach

Targeting the Sober Travel Market

Recover Hospitality recognizes the immense potential of the sober travel market, including the recognition of the different segments. With partnerships established with a variety of mental health-focused organizations and providers, we bring a fresh perspective to your business strategy. By aligning with us, hotels and restaurants gain access to a unique and expanding customer base seeking wellness experiences during their travels.
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Comprehensive Representation Services

Our representation services are designed to elevate your business to new heights. Whether you are a luxury hotel or a fine dining restaurant, our range of services ensures that your brand is effectively showcased to the right audience.

Promotion through Multiple Channels

  • Access to Travel Agents: As part of Recover Hospitality, our travel agency, CXN Travel, ensures seamless travel experiences for your guests. Additionally, our membership in the Travel Edge Network provides access to over 750 travel advisors, broadening your reach and influence in the market.
  • Elevated Social Media Campaigns: Leverage the power of social media with targeted and impactful campaigns to engage a wider audience.
  • Educational Webinars: Showcase your location through educational webinars, providing valuable insights to travel advisors.
  • Newsletter Feature: Secure a prime spot in our newsletter, providing exclusive exposure to your business within our extensive mental health network of organizations and providers.

Join Recover Hospitality's CXN Collection today and unlock a world of possibilities for your hotel or restaurant. Let us be the catalyst for your success in the ever-expanding wellness-focused travel industry. If you are interested in knowing how your business can become more attractive to the sober-focused traveler, please click here to be directed to our consulting services. Contact us now to explore how we can help transform your business and captivate the burgeoning sober travel market.

The team at Recover Hospitality has both corporate and independent experience working in rural and metropolitan markets. Consulting services are applicable for all hospitality industry businesses, including: hotels, restaurants, spas, museums, theaters, and more.